Here Comes the “Peaceful” Bride: a Nature Meditation Experience for Brides-to-Be

In the whirlwind preceding your wedding, it can be easy to lose sight of what matters most about this momentous start of your journey together: your happiness, your peace, and your connection with your soon-to-be betrothed. The time leading up to you and your partner’s big day should be filled with joy, love, and excitement, but the process of planning your wedding and acclimating to major life changes can also be understandably stressful on your mind and body.

With resounding scientific evidence, hundreds of psychological studies have shown that meditation can make you a better partner. Meditation promotes self-awareness, perspective, gratitude, and emotional regulation. Not only does meditation curb your own stress, but when you start with yourself in meditative practices, you become open to deeper connections in your relationships.

So, perhaps you’ve decided you’d benefit from an established meditative practice before your wedding day, but where to begin? To start, you might ask yourself what it is that you’re trying to explore in your practice. For example, indoor meditation can enhance focus, self-awarness and willpower, but outdoor meditation has been proven to enhance an individuals’ receptivity and ability to connect. Meditating in outdoor settings reminds you to relish in the present, something that is perhaps most important before an event that encourages you to fiercely consider your future (despite our inability to truly control what is yet to come). Through meditation, you can reinforce your ability to trust and let go the urge to control.

The Nature Bus is here to support and celebrate you in the preparation for your wedding day. Our Bridal Nature Mediation Experience offers a relaxing, joy-sparking, guided meditation in a gorgeous outdoor setting. The experience focuses on rooting your happiness in your own desires and opening your heart’s center.

Joined by a group of loved ones who share your excitement, you can have this meditation and you can also check out other options that can be included in your wedding experiences offered by the Nature Bus! We’re well-versed in alternative bachelorette parties, other pre-wedding celebrations, and wedding transportation as part of a complete itinerary – all tailored to you and your preferences.

Fortify your sense of your own capability to support yourself and to wholly accept your partner. Quiet your mind, breathe in the sweet forest air, and reintroduce yourself to the purest form of yourself: someone in love.

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