Love Your Dog Party!

Pet Friendly



Calling all party animals! FREE Event at Dogtown!

Dogtown and the Nature Bus are partnering to bring you and your furry loved one a special Valentine’s Day party!


Show your pup just how much you love them by joining us for a fun filled afternoon. Activities include the doggy message station, homemade dog treats made with love, and card making with your pups paw print. Also, The Nature Bus will be sitting outside of Dogtown during the party for a tour/short ride where you and your dog can learn about exciting upcoming dog trips on TNB! Can’t wait to see you and your dog there.


RSVP soon. There is a max of 30 dogs, so please tell us if you and your dog will be joining us!

Dogs must be evaluated through Dogtown before February 1st. Call Sam at 757-764-6446 to set up the free, simple evaluation. This is just to make sure your pup is up to date on vaccinations and friendly with other dogs.

There are no upcoming dates for this event.