Say YES to New Adventures & Explore Your Natural Areas

Cherry blossoms in Virginia

The Nature Bus will not have any tours until the threat of CV has passed, but we’d like to encourage everyone to spend time outdoors this Spring and stay connected with nature.

Live oak tree in Virginia

We will be posting often so check out our Facebook page, our Instagram, and website blog to stay inspired.

Of course, we encourage you to follow social distancing guidelines during all visits to natural areas, by keeping a distance of 6 feet or more between you and other guests. Please refrain from visiting if you are sick and/or experiencing any symptoms.

Favorite parks and natural areas of Hampton Roads/Coastal VA:

Virginia Beach

  1. First Landing State Park
  2. Pleasure House Point Natural Area
  3. Stumpy Lake Natural Area
  4. West Neck Creek Natural Area
  5. False Cape State Park
  6. Back Bay Wildlife Refuge
  7. Great Neck Park
  8. Lake Lawson/Lake Smith Natural Area


  1. Norfolk Botanical Gardens
  2. Weyanoke Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary
  3. Elizabeth River Trail


  1. Chesapeake Arboretum
  2. Oak Grove Lake Park
  3. Indian River Park
  4. Northwest River Park
  5. Great Dismal Swamp


  1. Hoffler Creek Wildlife Preserve
  2. Paradise Creek Nature Park


  1. Lone Star Lakes Park

Newport News

  1. Mariners’ Museum Park/Noland Trail
  2. Newport News Park


  1. Grandview Nature Preserve
  2. Sandy Bottom Nature Park
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