Spring Nature Possibilities



15+ Scenic Spring Destinations In Virginia

There are several reasons to get out and hit the hiking trails during the winter months.

Mountainous Opportunities with The Nature Bus!

Did you know: Virginia is home to one-fourth of the Appalachian Trail and the Blue Ridge Mountains! It is also home to McAfee Knob, the #1 most visited location on the Appalachian Trail! You’re closer than you think to some of the best reviewed hiking locations and camping spots. These mountains are home to breathtaking…

Craft Beer Tours with The Nature Bus!

Virginia is for beer lovers. A new report shows that Virginia is named as one of the top 6 states in craft beer growth! Breweries are the new place to be- from taste testing craft beers to seeing the process of brewing from start to finish. The Nature Bus can take you to breweries across…

Jammin out with The Nature Bus!

Virginia’s music scene is growing- with the Something in the Water festival kickstarting this past summer and all of the outdoor, live music taking place on the Virginia Beach oceanfront. Check it out today, or ask about adding it to a trip with The Nature Bus! Make sounds in nature with natural instruments and experience…

Beach-combing for Shark Teeth!

Virginia is one of the best states in the nation to go fossil hunting because there are some amazing spots to go, and it’s relatively easy to find a vast diversity of fossils, like pelecypods, gastropods, shark teeth, trilobites and whale bones! Get a group together, hop on The Nature Bus and channel your best…

Guided Painting with an Artist

Nature is filled with masterpieces. Capture a moment of the natural beauty in a guided session with a professional artist.

Rhythm of the Universe

Drums are used in many cultures to represent community togetherness, to channel energy and release inhibitions. While in many cases drum circles are cultural experiences, they can also be used in any community. As the Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart said, “People gather to drum in drum “circles” with others from the surrounding community. The…

Tarzan of the Trees

Swing from the trees at a Ropes Park! As a personal challenge or a team building activity, this adventure will present ropes, cables, zip lines and obstacles to negotiate. The Nature Bus offers easy event coordination, great group rates and transportation for your whole group. Ask the Nature Bus how we can add components from…


Scientific studies have proven that dancing, or moving the body without inhibition, improves motor skills and factors involving focus, as well as the release of endorphins. Life can get stressful. Perhaps it’s time to dance around like nobody’s watching- and, just to make sure nobody’s watching, do it outside in the fresh air at a…

A Grand Time with Grandparents

There are two things to be sure about in life: one can never spend enough time outside, and one can never spend enough time with Grandma and Grandpa. The Nature Bus invites grandparents and grandchildren for a day of nature fun! Participate in activities suitable for both generations with other children and grandparents!

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