Terms & Conditions



  • The Nature Bus and driver are not rented out “for hire.” We offer Nature Experiences. Riding on the bus is complementary and free with the registration of a Nature Experience. You are always welcome to drive your own vehicle and meet the Nature Experience at its location.
  • Nature Experiences happen in 2 different registration ways: We pre-plan and post on our website a Nature Experience with an itinerary, set a date, and if the minimum # of seats (different for each experience) is met, then the experience will go forward as planned. 2. We help you plan a custom/private group Nature Experience, we help you create the itinerary, we mutually select the date, and you fill the bus with your participants (18 adults or 27 children or combo). The Nature Bus staff guides your Nature Experience. In either instance, you are purchasing a Nature Experience, and transportation is simply included with the program.
  • There are NO REFUNDS once you register for a Nature Experience. Like an airline ticket, once paid the ticket is not refundable, nor transferable to another individual. Each individual must print their TICKET and show it at the gate to be permitted to board the bus. We do not cancel trips due to inclement weather; the Nature Experience goes forward rain or shine. Dress in head-to-toe rain slickers and prepare to have fun in the rain! The only exception to the refund policy is when we cancel a trip due to conditions out of our control, icy roads, or if we do not meet the minimum seat sales to make the trip feasible.
  • Each person is required to READ and SIGN the waiver form, which outlines the participants’ obligations/responsibilities, refund/cancellation policy, assumption of risk, explicit permission statements, and releases The Nature Bus from liability. We often use 3rd party independent contractors and companies. These 3rd party entities will have additional waiver forms that are required for participation.
  • Nature Experiences are pre-planned, usually months in advance, to assure we have every detail prepared for your special experience.
  • Approximately a few days before departure, a reminder email will be sent out to ticket holders. It will remind you of the departure date, time, and departure location/address. This email will include the ‘predicted’ weather report, and a list of recommended supplies you may want to bring to help you enjoy your experience.
  • There is a cooler on the bus where you can put your water bottle. Bring your snacks and lunch in your own insulated lunch bag.
  • There is absolutely NO eating or drinking permitted ON the bus. We will make stops for restroom and snack breaks.
  • Seatbelts are required to be worn at all times when the bus is in motion. The cross the shoulder belts are for children. The lap belts are for adults. If you email us (in advance), we would be happy to provide a child restraint seat for children whom are required by law to be in this type of seat by their weight. Email info@TheNatureBus.com to request this seat.